Aqualone 1000 is set up in no more than five minutes. This page shows you in detail every step to follow.


Step 1 Install the supplied pressure regulator

Step 2 Connect the garden hose to the pressure regulator.

Step 3 Connect the garden hose to the Aqualone 1000 inlet.

Step 4 Connect the watering equipment to the Aqualone 1000 outlet.

Aqualone 1000 is also supplied with a fitting for direct connection of a drip-line.

Step 5 Place Aqualone horizontally and position the control pot.

To prevent the very first watering of Aqualone 1000 from being longer than the others (as the control pot is dry), we advise you to moisten the terracotta pot and the substrate before placing it.

Step 6 Position fixed-flow dripper

Your installation is ready! Don’t forget to turn on your faucet so that Aqualone can start irrigation.

Aqualone’s default setting will work in most cases. Once you have mastered the Aqualone 1000, you will be able to fine-tune the settings even further by following our guide Adjusting Aqualone 1000.

You can also take a short tour on our guide How does Aqualone work and discover the list of FAQ.

If you encounter problems after following this guide, you can go to Troobleshooting guide.