Aqualone PLUS is installed in less than ten minutes. This page shows you in detail each step to follow.


Step 1 Install the hydrovalve

Step 2 Replace Aqualone fittings with the supplied quick couplings fittings.

Etape 3 Install the pilot tube between the Aqualone inlet and the hydrovalve

Etape 4 Connect the output tube between the Aqualone outlet and the fitting on the side of the valve.

Step 5 Place Aqualone horizontally and position the control pot.

Pour éviter que le tout premier arrosage d’Aqualone PLUS soit plus long que les autres (comme le pot témoin est sec), nous vous conseillons d’humidifier le pot en terre cuite et le substrat avant de le positionner.

Your installation is ready! Don’t forget to open the upstream valves so that Aqualone can start irrigation. Do not hesitate to purge the air that entered the network during installation.

Once you have mastered Aqualone PLUS, you can start fine-tuning the settings by following our guide Adjusting Aqualone PLUS.

If you encounter problems after following this guide, you can visit the Troubleshooting guide. We recommend that you check that the pressure is less than 5 bar. If not, we recommend installing a pressure regulator on the pilot tube.

You can also take a short tour on our guide How does Aqualone work ? and see the list of FAQ.