Project Description

Following a request from the NGO GK Enchanted Farm in the Philippines, Bernard travelled to the Philippines to develop solutions to the problem of water scarcity in the dry season that affects family farms. This NGO is currently working with 60,000 families across the country on several food security and rural household resilience projects.

The objective is to demonstrate on their 42ha demonstration farm that Aqualone can contribute to a sustainable solution to the problem of water scarcity in the dry season. The system will allow for non-seasonal production, contributing to the NGO’s food security project while directly increasing the income of family farms.

Three pilot sites were installed with Aqualone irrigation programmers and complete micro-irrigation networks (drip and microsprayers).

1000m2 of peppers and eggplant with driplines

This agroforestry plot covers an area of 1000m2. It is composed of 25 rows of 40 meters long, planted with peppers alternating with aubergines. These two crops are in the shade of mango trees.

The entire irrigation system is pressurized by means of a surface pump.

At the head of the network, a disk filter was installed. It is generally advisable to set up a filter at 130 micrometers for driplines. Disc filters are often considered to be the most convenient for filtration at the field level.

Behind the filter, we installed a 1 “PE (polyethylene) pipe over the whole width of the plot, as well as a 1” Aqualone hydrovalve.

Where possible, we recommend placing manual valves at the head of each drip line. They will provide more flexibility for systems that mix multiple crops and stages. This also facilitates maintenance operations on the network.

Tis installation is made with pre-drilled flat drip lines. The drippers are inserted directly into the pipe during pipe manufacturing. By default, their flow rate is 1.5 litres/hour with a spacing of 10 cm. To choose the drip bottle best suited to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pumping with solar energy

Pressurization is possible thanks to a set of photovoltaic panels.

The diversified garden of Barjaya

With a surface area of about 10 X 20 meters, we equipped it with 7 lines of 15 linear meters of 15mm PE pipe.

Since the plants all have different needs (several species and several planting dates), we have favoured the installation of drippers with adjustable flow rate at the foot of each plant. The dose can be adjusted for each plant, for the same amount of irrigation. Aqualone can thus easily irrigate plants with very different needs.

An Aqualone 1000 controller is positioned high on a platform near a drinking water tap. This choice of power supply is temporary, because in the long term it will have to be connected to a rainwater collection tank on the restaurant roof, using a solar pressurization pump.

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