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Project Description

New Caledonia is regularly subject to droughts, and has a great interest in using every drop of water carefully. The town of Nouméa and the Agronomic Institute of New Caledonia have tested our first prototype of Aqualone in underground version to optimize water management of green spaces. This article presents the installation that allowed an average saving of 72% water very simply over a period of 4 months!


As in many cities, the watering of green spaces is controlled by electronic programmers. Although the duration of watering is regularly reprogrammed to adapt to seasonal variations, these programmers cannot adapt to the day’s weather conditions, unlike Aqualone.

The Aqualone installation therefore aims to simplify the management of watering and to reduce water consumption . By bringing water when the plants really need it, the town council hopes to be able to reduce the taxpayers’ bill, while maintaining a quality grass cover.


To compare Aqualone’s performance with the programmer system, three control sites were tested between April and July 2016. The green spaces of the Marine Anchor (still in operation today), Magenta and Anse Vata have been equipped with our first prototype of Aqualone in its buried version.

A buried version under development

The prototype presented in this article has since been greatly improved. The new versions also blend in with the decor and become almost invisible. It is also possible to walk on it without damaging the device.


The test, piloted by the researchers of the Agronomic Institute of New Caledonia, lasted 4 months. The results show an average saving of 72% for the three sites, with an equivalent quality of grass cover. Soil moisture measurements were also made throughout the test. They demonstrate again that Aqualone maintains plants in the hydric comfort zone.

These results exceed all expectations and promise significant savings over time! Not to mention that the biggest savings would be made during rainy periods, when Aqualone makes the best use of rainwater.

This achievement demonstrates how Aqualone can easily save water, at a lower cost to communities. It is now up to all of us to make these results known to as many people as possible!

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