Aqualone 1000


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Aqualone 1000 is suitable for small installations and replaces electronic programmers. Thanks to its control pot system, a single Aqualone 1000 is able to water all your plants according to the actual climatic conditions, without electricity or programming, even if they all have different water needs!

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How does Aqualone work?

Aqualone 1000 allows a flow rate of 1000L/h. It thus makes it possible to control the irrigation of a long drip irrigation, 250 drippers of 4 litres per hour or two garden sprinklers for example. Beyond 1000 liters/hour, you must switch to Aqualone PLUS !

Setting up Aqualone 1000

Aqualone 1000  is provided with :

  • a quick coupling for direct connection to your garden hose ;
  • a pressure regulator to be installed on your garden or terrace faucet ;
  • an additional adjustable dripper for a closer adjustment of the plants’ needs ;
  • a spike to maintain the dripper integrated in your flowerpot.

You can connect your watering system directly to the Aqualone 1000 outlet connection.


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