“ Aqualone adapts to all types of soil and plants ”

On Aqualone there is only one setting to adjust the right dose to bring to the plants. By adjusting the flow rate of the integrated Aqualone dripper, the duration of an irrigation can be varied and therefore the water dose can be modified. The time between two irrigations is determined solely by weather conditions.

This page explains in detail how to set this dripper and answers several common questions.

Aqualone 1000 and Aqualone PLUS are delivered with two drippers. The default installed dripper gives a fixed flow rate of 2L/h. It produces irrigation of about 6 minutes. This time can be changed by installing the second dripper, whose flow rate is adjustable. Simply cut the 6mm pipe with a cutter and insert the dripper with adjustable flow rate.

To adjust the dose, you have to do the opposite of what may seem logical. If you want to water more, reduce the flow rate of the built-in dripper. In this case, the Aqualone container will take longer to fill up and irrigation will take longer. On the contrary, if the built-in dripper is widely open, the watering time can be very short.

“ Once it’s settled, you don’t touch it anymore! ”

Finding the right setting

For potted plants the adjustment is simple. The duration will depend on the size of the pots, but also on the flow rate of the drippers that water the plants. It is therefore necessary to play with the dripper so that Aqualone stops irrigation when the pot begins to drain, when a small puddle forms under the pot or in the subpot.

For the cultures in open ground, there can be two ways of proceeding. Simply by touching the irrigated soil and observing the plants for a while. Even if it may seem imprecise, such an adjustment already saves a considerable amount of water compared to a clock timer. And this setting is often sufficient.

A more precise adjustment can be achieved by means of soil moisture probes, in this case it becomes easy to define the zone of hydric comfort. You can contact us for more information on this subject pending the publication of a specific guide.

How to water plants with different water needs?

To adapt to different needs (plants of different species, different ages etc.), the simplest solution is to install drippers/micro-sprinklers with adjustable flow rate at the foot of each plant. In this case, we recommend that you leave the fixed-flow Aqualone dripper (which produces irrigation of about 6 minutes), and modify the dose by changing the dripper’s flow rate with each plant.

Is it necessary to change the Aqualone setting during cultivation?

Aqualone will adapt to changing weather conditions and different seasons. It will simply vary the time between two irrigations. The amount of water given to each irrigation does not change and that is a good thing.

Most crops do not accelerate the drying process of the soil while growing to the point where they require a new Aqualone setting. But if you feel that the plants are a little thirsty as they grow, close the built-in Aqualone dripper slightly (do the opposite of what seems intuitive).

Perennial plants (such as fruit trees) can change their water requirements as they grow. If they have fixed-flow drippers, it is a good idea to check the Aqualone setting every 6 months. If possible, we recommend that you install drippers/micro-sprinklers with adjustable flow rate at the foot of each tree.

In the near future, we will offer you articles to explore some ideas and on specific types of irrigation (above-ground cultivation, sprinkler/mist irrigation). In the meantime, you can explore our User guides as well as our list of FAQ.